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The Austrian movie landscape is very specifically coined. The comparatively boundedness of the market, the low significance of selfcontained movie-cultural creativity and the intimacy of production structures are constitutive. All this affects the Austrian production landscape.

FILM AUSTRIA was established by a group of leading Austrian producers with the goal of consistently boosting the market share of Austrian films. In the long term, we need to raise acceptance among local audiences for Austrian films.

FILM AUSTRIA wants to guarantee a reinforced orientation on the recognition of Austrian moviegoers, as well as producing artistically high ranked and commercially useable movies by taking advantage of the talented Austrian creative potential in the movie business.

FILM AUSTRIA considers itself as the leading representative of independent, competent and professional movie and media productions in Austria. The self-conception of FILM AUSTRIA is based on entrepreneurship in the literal sense with a deliberate willingness for risk and the determination of success and revenue. Further on, quality features such as a long-time engagement in production, the lasting employment of qualified production staff and a high-quality production infrastructure are the base for all Austrian production companies that have joined FILM AUSTRIA.

FILM AUSTRIA is committed to the synergy of quality and market. Because of this, innovations, experiments and intensive efforts for high-quality trainees are essential requirements of a well-structured Austrian movie development.

FILM AUSTRIA strives towards a fair and professional partnership with the luckily rich creative scene of Austrian filmmakers. This partnership should benefit both sides – because this is the only way to avoid the increasing erosion of infrastructure and the migration of Austrian talent.

FILM AUSTRIA is aiming for synchronized public subsidies. Based on the willingness of stronger individual responsibility, as well as the responsibility of the audience, a stronger independence of public subsidies should be achieved. Therefore, one focus is the development of additional funding sources for the movie industry. A general tendency of a total dependence on subsidies of the Austrian movie industry should not be enhanced.

wants to achieve a responsible and liberated partnership with the ORF and other TV service providers for TV productions. The activities of FILM AUSTRIA are aiming for a strong alliance for the implementation and success of high-quality, identity coining Austrian programs.

FILM AUSTRIA is an association of major Austrian movie companies. During the constitutive general assembly in April 2006, Dr. Veit Heiduschka was named President and Helmut Grasser Vice-President. Dr. Alfred J. Noll, a Vienna-based lawyer, acts as the secretary general of FILM AUSTRIA.

Helmut Grasser is currently President with Florian Gebhardt as his Deputy. The Vienna-based lawyer, Dr Alfred Noll, is General Secretary of FILM AUSTRIA.
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